Prepping for a Girl’s Getaway!

March 3, 2017 Comments Off on Prepping for a Girl’s Getaway!


I’m setting off tomorrow for a girls getaway weekend in Nashville!  My best friends live all over, so we try to make it a point to get together with just us girls.  Last year we went to Charleston, which was a blast.  What a cute city!  This time around we decided to visit one of our besties in Nashville.  She has been living there for a while and knows all the ins and outs of the city, so Nashville it is!  I highly recommend starting this tradition! Over the last couple of weeks I have been prepping for this weekend getaway. Here’s how:

  1. Lists, lists, lists!  One of my best friends that’s going on this trip is a lover of lists, which totally rubbed off on me, which I’m so thankful for (thanks Mandy!) The first list is all about the outfits.  I figure out the vibe of the destination (thank you Pinterest), search my closet, and I mix and match outfits to see what I have and what I need to pick up.
  2. About a week out I complete all of my laundry and start putting things away.  I love to have freshly washed and iron clothes when I go away, it makes me feel more put together.
  3. Gather travel sized toiletries (TIP for New York City dwellers: go to Bed Bath and Beyond, they’re prices are much more reasonable).  I always try to pack a carry on when going away for the weekend.  It makes life easier whenever I land.  Also, I have this fear that my luggage will be the lucky one to get lost. Ugh!
  4. One thing I’ve decided to do this time around is to get skincare products for the plane.  I have been reading about how great this is for your skin, so I’m going to head out after work today to purchase some goodies. I’ll keep you posted!
  5. Last, but not least, treat yourself to a mani and pedi!  I have a favorite spot in Williamsburg that has so many colors to choose from, it’s overwhelming, but in the best way 😉  I always feel great once I sit down at the nail salon bc I know I’m prepared and ready to jet off.

Go plan a trip with your besties!