Break the…


Live a fab city life and still make rent.



The word Hautely brings to mind wealth – a monied crowd who will easily spend a fortune on their clothes, apartment, and entertainment.  Of course we all would like to live that way, but there are the bills, trying to grow the savings account, while managing to be very creative with the paycheck we do have.

I’m Ashley Gartner.  I moved from Philadelphia to New York City with my husband and rescue puppy in 2015.  I have always been a city girl, with quite the chic city taste.

One thing I do know after living here for a while is that the City is a  great place to watch people.  I see them every day – the women who walk down the street or work with you at the offie – they looks fantastic!  Ask how they do it, and get only sly smiles.  The smiles of women who have conquered the art of looking like a million bucks without spending it.  They have broken the Hautely Habit!

We know you want to save money, yet still look classic, trendy, or whatever your style and we’re here to help you, right now.  Founded in 2016, we are the go-to resource for women to look their absolute best while being a savvy shopper.